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Iwata Eclipse HP-CS

The Eclipse CS is my favorite airbrush. It cleans up easily. It’s got a big cup on top for paint with a cap for when I get a little wild.

Iwata Eclipse HP CS

Review and Opinion:

  • The Eclipse CS is a great tool for general spraying.  It does everything good.
  • On the flip side it doesn’t do anything spectacularly well.
  • It’s a workhorse airbrush. It’s perfect for doing most of your spraying, gross detail work, and general backgrounds.
  • It’s really hard to go wrong with an Eclipse.

Matching Rules

  1. Great at wide range of applications
  2. Perfect for beginners.
    It’s not too finicky about paint consistency as other airbrushes.
  3. It very economical with paint.
  4. When in doubt, this is my default airbrush to recommend to people.


Classification: Airbrush
Manufacturer: Iwata
Model: HP-CS
Part Number: ECL 4500
Suggested Retail Price: $203.75 USD


Paint feed System: Gravity Feed
Trigger Style: Dual Action
Spray Type: Internal Mix
Spray Range: ~ 0.2 mm to
~ 1.5 inches
Cup Size: 1/3 oz
Air Consumption: ~ 0.3 cfm
Pressure Tolerance: < 100 psi
Standard Tip Size: 0.35 mm
Optional Tip Size: 0.5 mm

Useful Accessories

  • External Micro Air Control Valve
  • Pistol Grip Moisture Filter
  • Quick Disconnect
  • Table Top Cleaning Station
  • Airbrush Holder/Station


  • Cut-Away Handle
  • Self-Centering Nozzle
    It cleans up a little easier.  Not to mention the nozzle threads can’t get broken off inside the airbrush (there aren’t any nozzle threads to break!)
  • Teflon O-Rings

Outstanding/Common Problems

  • No place to set it
  • Tip Dry
  • Clogs
  • Bent Needles


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