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Iwata Revolution HP-TR1 and HP -TR2

A good fit for the Iwata Revolution HP TR series is someone with previous experience with spray guns but not so much experience with airbrushes.

Someone who can’t use standard airbrushes because of a physical problem can make good candidates

Or, someone who simply wants a trigger gun

Airbrush Iwata HP TR1 Iwata HP TR2
Iwata HP TR1 Airbrush Iwata HP TR2 Airbrush
Part Number R 5000 R 5500
Suggested Retail Price $288.75 USD $288.75 USD
Paint feed System Side Feed Side Feed
Trigger Style Trigger Gun Trigger Gun
Spray Type Internal Mix Internal Mix
Spray Range ~0.15 mm to ~1.5 inches ~0.25 mm to ~1.5 inches
Cup Size Varies , comes with 1/3 oz Varies, comes with 1/2 oz
Standard Tip Size 0.3 mm 0.5 mm

Features and Review

  • Teflon Needle Packing O-Ring
    Since most HP-TR series end up in automotive shops, this is a good thing.  The o-ring doesn’t melt in solvents.
  • Ergonomic Handle
    Well, you don’t hold a trigger gun like a normal airbrush, so this feature goes by mostly unnoticed, except if you’re trying out different grips.
  • Pistol Grip Moisture Filter
    The Pistol Grip Moisture Filter is the next best thing for airbrushing since sliced bread.  Especially if you’re spraying in humid climates.
  • 1/3 oz or 1/2 oz Gravity Side Cup
    This is the cup that comes standard with this airbrush.  Basically it’s a C-sized cup that should take care of a good portion of your airbrushing needs.
  • Lots of Attachments
    Like all side-feed airbrushes you have a multitude of attachments to choose from.  Bottles and cups galore!
Notes and Opinions:
  • For what it is, the HP-TR1 and TR2 are an excellent airbrushes.
  • It’s never my first choice when matching people up to airbrushes but I know it’s quite popular in some circles, especially once you pair it up with the Custom Grip Handle.
  • The big difference between the HP-TR and other airbrushes is the motion used to spray.  If you like trigger style motion, this is a great gun for you.  If your hands to do or have enough strength to do double action motion then this is also a great gun for you.
  • The difference between the HP-TR1 and the HP-TR2 is the nozzle size and the cup size.  The TR1 comes with a .3mm tip setup and a 1/3 oz side feed cup.  The TR2 comes with a .5mm tip setup and a 1/2 oz side feed cup.

Link – HP-TR series Manual, parts and troubleshooting guide

Useful Accessories
  • Custom Grip Handle
    Of all the accessories this is probably the most useful.  It really does make the trigger gun into something you can grip like a gun instead of, in my humble opinion, a little kid picking up an airbrush and pretending to shoot people with it.
  • Table Top Cleaning Station
  • External Micro Air Control Valve
Common Problems
  • Tip Dry
  • Bent Needles
  • Clogs
  • Breaking the Nozzle Threads Off Inside the Airbrush
Cleaning Guide Links

These are side-feed airbrushes.  Therefore side feed cleaning guides will work.  However, make sure you follow the way they actually work instead of blindly following the guide.  Once I write up a cleaning guide for the TR1 and TR2 then you can blindly follow the guide!