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How-to Rinse a Gravity Feed Airbrush Between Colors

Rinse your gravity feed airbrush between colors.  This prevents excessive paint build up and paint colors mixing with one another.

This method, also known as a color change rinse, is the best thing you can do to prevent future airbrush problems before they have a chance to become problems.


  1. Empty the color cup’s excess paint.
    Empty the old paint
  2. Add cleaning solution to the color cup.
    Add cleaning solution
  3. Wipe out the cup with paper towels or cotton swabs.
    Wipe out the cup
  4. Pour more cleaning solution into the color cup
    Add more cleaner
  5. Spray cleaner through the airbrush until it sprays clear.
    • Note: Spray into a filter of some kind.  This keeps excessive  overspray out of the air and your lungs.  Towels, a paper towels, filtering systems, etc. all work.
      Spray cleaner through airbrush
  6. Dump out whatever’s left.
    Empty excess cleaner
  7. Spray until dry
    SPray out leftover cleaner
  8. Move on to the next color.
    Time for the next color

The Guru’s Tips


  • Use the ‘appropriate’ cleaning solution for your paint.  It’s usually the reducer or paint’s base chemical.
    Like dissolves like
  • The best cleaning solution removes your particular paint and doesn’t use ammonia.  Ammonia is bad for the airbrush itself.
    Say no to ammonia
  • Your speed will improve, don’t worry if the time you spend here seems long.  Your speed will improve the more familiar and habitual these methods become.
    • Is the day over? Are you going to lunch or on break?  Do an End of Session Rinse before you leave.
      Rinse a Gravity Feed Airbrush After a Spray Session   Rinse a Gravity Feed Airbrush After a Spray Session
    • If you are having problems you might need to move on to the next step after an End of Session Rinse.  If so you could try…  a Deep Cleaning.  Make sure you choose the right set of instructions.

      Do you have a screw in nozzle?

      Screw in nozzles have 2 caps on the airbrush's front. screw in nozzle detail


      Do you have a self centering nozzle?

      Airbrushes with self-centering nozzles have "3" caps Detail of airbrushes with self centering nozzles