Iwata High Performance HP-SB Plus [REVIEW]

Iwata High Performance HP-SB Plus

Iwata Hi Line HP-SB Plus is great at wide range of applications. This is very similar to both the HP-A Plus and HP-B Plus, except that it has a 1/8 oz. (3.5 ml) side-feed color cup.

Perfect for experienced users who want a side feed airbrush.

Iwata-Medea High Performance Plus SB Dual Action / Side Feed Cup
  • Dual-purpose, cutaway and pre-set handle for easy clean up and precise...
  • Larger threads on the nozzle offer a more secure fit and better...
  • Single-piece auxiliary lever/needle-chucking guide provides easy...

Features and Review

  1. It’s a step up from the Eclipse SBS.  You should get finer details out of theHP-SB Plus.
  2. Perfect for people who like adaptability.
    Side feed airbrushes are adaptable depending on the attachment.  They can be gravity feed airbrushes to help you get finer details, or siphon feed airbrushes to help you spray a lot of paint.
  3. You can spray any amount of paint you want
    Attach a gravity cup and you can spray on a couple drops of paint.  Or you can attach a bottle with a capacity of up to 2 oz  and spray away.
  4. Cut-away  pre-set handle, Teflon Needle Packing Set
  5. Lots of attachments – This is the best feature, though it’s also the most expensive.
  6. Workhorse Airbrush
    I don’t think an HP-SB Plus will be the best workhorse simply because the nozzle can get a little finicky with paint consistency.  But the various attachments let you have the best of both gravity and siphon feed airbrushes.
  7. Intermediate Airbrush
    Everybody looks for beginner and professional airbrushes.  The HP-SB Plus is a perfect intermediate/professional airbrush.  It’s certainly a step or two up from the Eclipse SBS in terms of detail and equipment quality. In fact, I know artists that make this their detail airbrush.
  8. Attachments
    Cups, cups, cups, and a few bottles. I’d recommend having at least one bottle of cleaning solution for a quick clean.  Otherwise the cups vary in size from 1/8 oz to 1/2 oz.  All of the cups allow you to mix the paint on the spot,  inside the cup.  Many of the cups also have lids.
Iwata High Performance HP SB Plus
Classification: Airbrush
Manufacturer: Iwata
Model: HP-SB Plus
Part Number: H 3001
Suggested Retail Price: $361.25 USD
Paint feed System: Side Feed
Trigger Style: Dual Action
Spray Type: Internal Mix
Spray Range: ~0.1 mm to
~0.75 inches
Cup Size: varies depending on the cup or bottle
Air Consumption: ~0.3 cfm
Pressure Tolerance: < 100 psi
Standard Tip Size: 0.2 mm
Optional Tip Size: 0.3 mm

Link – HP-SB Plus Manual, parts and troubleshooting guide

Useful Accessories
  • Pistol Grip Moisture Filter
  • Table Top Cleaning Station
  • Crown Cap
  • External Micro Air Control Valve
Common Problems
  • Tip Dry
  • Bent Needles
  • Clogs
  • Breaking the Nozzle Threads Off Inside the Airbrush
Cleaning Guide Links

These Cleaning Guides links are specifically the ones you need to clean this particular airbrush.