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Eclipse Parts Guide

Eclipse Parts Guide

# Item Description1 Size Price
1 Needle Cap A I 601 1 S S S S
Crown Cap G I 105 0 O O O O
2 Nozzle Cap 0.35 mm C I 602 2 O S S S
0.5 mm B I 601 1 S O O O
3 Head Cap C I 603 1 S S S S
4 Nozzle 0.35mm E I 604 2 O S S S
0.5 mm C I 604 1 S O O O
5 Head O-Ring A I 605 1 S S S S
6 Body BCS J I 606 1 S X X X
Body BS I I 606 4 X S X X
Body CS K I 606 2 X X S X
Body SBS K I 606 3 X X X S
7 Air Valve O-Ring B I 580 1 S S S S
8 Air Valve Guide Body B I 608 1 S S S S
9 Air Valve A I 609 1 S S S S
10 Air Valve Spring A I 510 4 O S S S
A I 035 1 S O O O
11 Air Valve Guide A I 611 1 S S S S
12 Trigger (Main Lever) C I 612 1 S S S S
B I 612 2 X X X X
13 Needle Packing Set I 725 1 S S S S
Needle O-Ring A I 150 2 O O O O
Needle Set Screw A I 125 1 O O O O
14 Needle Chucking Guide
w/Auxiliary Lever
C I 715 1 S S S S
Old Needle Chucking Guide C I 115 2 X X X X
Old Auxiliary Lever A I 040 5 X X X X
15 Needle Spring A I 135 2 S O O O
A I 135 1 O S S S
16 Spring Guide C I 170 2 S S S S
17 Needles 0.35mm B I 617 2 O S S S
0.5 mm B I 617 1 S O O O
18 Needle Chucking Nut A I 120 2 S S S S
19 Cut Away Handle E I 619 1 S S S S
21 Lid for Eclipse CS C I 618 1 X X O X
Lid for 1/4 oz Side Cup C I 095 7 X X X O
Lid for 1/2 oz Gravity Cup C I 095 8 X X X O
22 Side Feed Cup 1/8 oz G I 070 3 X X X S
Side Feed Cup w/lid 1/4 oz G I 070 4 X X X O
Side Feed Gravity Cup w/lid 1/2 oz G I 070 6 X X X O
22a Lower Lid for Side Cup B I 095 6 X X X S
22b Lower Lid Gasket A I 150 5 X X X S
23 Blanking Cover A I 045 2 X X X S
No-Rust Bottle 2 oz I 470 2 S X X X
Iwata Eclipse Wrench N/A I 630 1 S S S S
 S = Standard Part    O = Optional Part   X = Doesn’t Fit/Not Recommended
  • Iwata Price Codes for 2009
  • Iwata Bottles for Siphon and Side Feed Airbrushes

Note: If you see or experience any errors with this guide please contact me so I can correct the mistake.  Thanks!

Technician’s Notes

  1. Item Descriptions

    I’m not into big long descriptions so the name Iwata calls some parts and what I call those parts aren’t always the same.  I stopped calling the same part different names based soley on which model the airbrush happens to be.  I realize this could make my parts guide annoying.  For the annoyance, I apologize.

  2. Changing Tip Size

    Always change out the needle, nozzle, and nozzle cap for best performance.

  3. Iwata doesn’t sell airbrush bodies

    Bodies aren’t for sale for one very pertinent reason.  They’re too expensive.  They cost a little less than buying a new airbrush.  I’ve included part numbers and price codes so you can see for yourself…but seriously, don’t bother ordering them.

  4. Air Valve Sets

    Other Iwata airbrush models manufacturer the air valve as it’s own distinct set.  The Eclipse and Revolution airbrushes dispense with that idea.  That just means you have to buy indiviual parts.

  5. Two Air Valve Springs?

    This one still leaves me a little dumbstruck.  I don’t know why there are two different air valvve springs, but I do know that Japan lists them as different parts.  However, if you interchange them I don’t think you’ll run into any problems.

  6. Air Valve Guide

    It’s really just a screw.  A pair of tweezers will let you get in there to screw or unscrew this part from the airbrush body.

  7. A Second Trigger?

    The second trigger is for an airbrush called the Eclipse HP-SA.  It was a single action airbrush that isn’t made anymore.

  8. Teflon Needle Packing Set

    Replaces both the Needle Packing O-Ring and the Needle Packing Screw.  Teflon is solvent proof, however it doesn’t compress as well, so it will feel different than the standard o-rings.  (I actually like the old o-rings better!)

  9. Non-Teflon Needle Packing Set

    For those of you who still like the old o-rings better I’ve kept the old part numbers around for you.  Do remember if you want to go back you’ll need both the o-ring and the screw to start but it’ only the o-ring that wears out at all.

  10. Old Needle Chucking Guide

    If you don’t have a funny shaped s-tab (the auxiliary lever) attached to the end of you needle chucking guide as shown in the diagram you want this part.

    This part is NOT interchangeable with the new airbrushes, just as the new part is not interchangeable with the old airbrushes

  11. Old Auxiliary Lever

    This is the most evil part in the whole airbrush.  It’s  bugger to get back in the right way until you’ve done it a few times and got it figured out.  It’s almost worth getting a new Eclipse just to avoid dealing with this part…

    This part is NOT interchangeable with the new airbrushes, just as the new part is not interchangeable with the old airbrushes.

  12. Two Needle Springs?

    Another strane anomaly from Japan.  As far as I can tell both parts look and behave the same, but they’re listed as seperate parts.

  13. The Lid for the Eclipse CS

    It’s a standard Iwata 1/3 oz fluid cup lid completely compatible and interchangeable with lids from other Iwata C-style airbrushes.

  14. The Iwata Eclipse Wrench

    If you lose your wrench, no worries.  A crescent wrench will take it’s place easily enough.  Just don’t screw the Head Cap on too tight…

    I have also discovered that Iwata will replace it free of charge should you happen to lose yours.