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Remove Tip Dry: Popular Method

Built up paint on the needle’s tip must be removed.  This is the unofficial, but popular method.  I’d even go so far as to say dangerous…

  1. Unscrew the needle cap.

    Remove the airbrush's needle cap

  2. Grab the needle tip’s  exposed back with your fingernails.

    Grab the needle with your fingernails

  3. Pull the paint off.

    Simply pull the dried paint off the needle

  4. Repeat until you pull all the paint off.

    Repeat as necessary

  5. Screw the needle cap back on.

    Screw the needle cap back onto the airbrush

Tip: Don’t forget the wet paint on your finger tip and touch something you shouldn’t.

Dirty finger tips can be your bane! Beware!

Airbrush needles are sharp I did say dangerous right?  Don’t prick yourself!  Those needles are sharp!

Too dangerous for you?  Not your style?  No problem.  Here’s the approved method.