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Trigger Guns

Pull back on the trigger to get air flow and paint flow

Airbrushes with spray gun-style triggers.

Trigger guns are usually gravity feed or side feed airbrushes because the gun-styled trigger doesn’t fit behind a siphon feed bottle.

The Good

Lets you handle an airbrush a lot like a spray gun.

Different finger or hand motion benefits people who learned how to use spray guns really well, or people who don’t have the dexterity to use a normal trigger.

The trigger mechanism stays cleaner longer

Tighter tolerances, a smaller hole, and just plain more stuff makes the trigger mechanism almost paint tight. This means fewer sticky, gummed up trigger problems. Well, assuming you don’t soak your airbrush!

The Bad

The trigger mechanism is far more difficult to maintain

Trigger maintenance doesn’t need to happen often (unless you’re soaking your airbrush…which is BAD!) but when it does, it’s a pain.

The “handle” doesn’t feel right.

Seriously, this is the age of molded, machined plastic…but even a trigger gun that uses molded plastic doesn’t always look or feel right.

The Guru’s Opinion

Many people want a spray gun that behaves like an airbrush. Enter the trigger gun…well… in stumbles the trigger gun in a half dazed stupor.

Trigger guns are a half-baked idea to a real need. Like a child holding a stick and calling it a gun, someone held an airbrush like a spray gun. The bright light of inventive realization shone down upon them. They understood their destiny. Too bad they decided to modify the gun itself.

Had this been an add-on accessory I’d love it.

Imagine this. You buy whichever non-siphon feed airbrush you want. Then you buy a Trigger Gun Makeover Kit. Put it all together in 5-10 minutes and viola! your very own trigger gun!

If we let out imaginations run wild and free perhaps they could even make a premium quick disconnect handle system…and then….

One handle to support them all,
One handle to shoot them,
One handle to change them all
Into trigger guns to rule them!

Middle Earth would be ours! Oh, wrong thought, sorry, I thought y’all were my evil airbrush minions bent on global domination for a moment…

Seriously though, a universal device capable of changing most airbrushes into trigger guns. It’d be nice, however, universal devices are highly suspect in this industry for their lack of manufacturer brand loyalty…

Look at a spray gun. The design exists as it does for reasons. If someone turned a mini-touchup gun into an airbrush…that’d be just plain awesome!

Oh wait, the Eclipse G6 is just that!