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The Iwata Eclipse HP-BCS

Review and Opinions:

  • The Eclipse BCS is a great tool for general spraying.  It does everything good.
  • On the flip side it doesn’t do anything spectacularly well.
  • It’s a workhorse airbrush. It’s perfect for doing most of your spraying, gross detail work, and general backgrounds.
  • It’s really hard to go wrong with an Eclipse.

Iwata Eclipse HP BCS

Matching Rules

  1. Great at wide range of applications
  2. Perfect for beginners who want a siphon feed airbrush. It’s not as finicky about paint consistency as other airbrushes.
  3. Perfect for multi-gun setups.
  4. Perfect for people who use lots of different stock colors.
  5. It’s not very economical with paint.


  • Cut-Away Handle
  • Self-Centering Nozzle
    It cleans up a little easier.  Not to mention the nozzle threads can’t get broken off inside the airbrush (there aren’t any nozzle threads to break!)
  • Teflon O-Rings


Classification: Airbrush
Manufacturer: Iwata
Model: HP-BCS
Part Number: ECL 2000
Suggested Retail Price: $162.75 USD


Paint feed System: Siphon Feed
Trigger Style: Dual Action
Spray Type: Internal Mix
Spray Range: ~0.3 mm to
~1.5 inches
Cup Size: varies
Air Consumption: ~ 0.3 cfm
Pressure Tolerance: < 100 psi
Standard Tip Size: 0.5 mm
Optional Tip Size: 0.35 mm

Useful Accessories

  • External Micro Air Control Valve
  • Quick Disconnect
  • Be careful about using the Pistol Grip Moisture FIlter with this airbrush.
    The bigger bottles and the filter can interfere with eachother.

Outstanding/Common Problems

  • Tip Dry
  • Clogs
  • Bent Needles
  • Withdrawls


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