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The Iwata Revolution HP-SAR


The HP-SAR is an excellent siphon feed airbrush. It sprays great.  It feels good, but most people need more control than it offers.

The HP-SAR is simply a tool you point and shoot with. It doesn’t require a lot of extra training.  You don’t need to be an artist to use it.  In fact, if you are an artist you should probably go look at the Revolution BCR or Revolution CR.


Iwata Revolution HP-BCR

Features and Review

  1. I never start someone interested in airbrushing anything complicated on a single action airbrush.
  2. Excellent for research applications
    Scientists, engineers, and researchers tend to be good fit – You’re probably looking for something to implement a great idea you had.  Something to use as part of a process.  That means you want the tool to limit as may variables as possible.  Separating the the air flow (on/off) from the paint flow is a good thing for you.  The next step from a single action airbrush is to move into an automatic spray gun.  Since they take the person out of the process.
    I know they’ve been used in aerospace coating applications and tried in the semi conductor industry. Of course, I don’t know all that much since most of the engineers I talked to were under non-disclosure agreements. I also know they’ve been used successfully in many university engineering departments.
  3. Ergonomic Handle
  4. Teflon Needle Packing
  5. They’re generally easy to work with and replacement parts won’t cost you an arm and a leg.
Iwata-Medea Revolution HP SAR Single Action Bottle Feed
  • Perfect for those seeking high performance in single-action design and...
  • Larger nozzle and needle combination (0.5-mm) that makes for easier...
  • Redesigned trigger mechanism and larger needle-chucking nut for easy...
Classification: Airbrush
Manufacturer: Iwata
Model: HP-SAR
Part Number: R 1000
Suggested Retail Price: $104 USD
Paint feed System: Siphon Feed
Trigger Style: Single Action
Spray Type: Internal Mix
Spray Range: ~ .25 mm
to ~01.5 inches
Cup Size: Varies
Air Consumption:  ~ 0.2 cfm
Pressure Tolerance: < 100 psi
Standard Tip Size: 0.5 mm
Optional Tip Size: 0.3 mm

Link – HP-BCR Manual, parts and troubleshooting guide

Useful Accessories
  • External Micro Air Control Valve
  • Pistol Grip Moisture Filter
    This accessory doesn’t always fit when you use large bottles.  Of course you can simply fit the bottle in a little off-skew and it’ll be fine.
  • Quick Disconnect
  • Table Top Cleaning Station
Common Problems
  • Forgetting to Reset the Airbrush – Okay, after cleaning issues, here’s the most common problem every HP-SAR owner faces.  Forgetting to reset the airbrush after they remove the needle for cleaning.
  • Tip Dry
  • Weak Nozzle – Weak isn’t quite the right word.  The nozzle is fairly strong, however, you’re stronger than the nozzle.  This means that if you over tighten it it WILL break. BE CAREFUL!
  • Bent needles
Cleaning Guide Links

Because I don’t have dedicated cleaning guides for the HP-SAR I’ve included links to the next best thing.  When you see a difference between the guide and your airbrush try and use the airbrush as your guide.

TIP: Remember to screw the fluid adjustment knob all the way in whenever you remove the needle!