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The article "How can I airbrush tan someone?" delves into the steps surrounding a spray tan.  It's basically a written spray tanning for beginners guide.  I found a brief training video by the UK Tanning Supplier Suntana that shows excellent spray tanning technique.

Notice these things as you watch.

  • The Method

    There is a set, methodical way Suntana teaches spray tanning to beginners.  I'm a fan of method because there's less thinking about that method once it becomes a habit.  Once it's a habit all you need to do is change the particulars for clients with unique situations.
  • The Efficiency

    The client turns.  The technician sprays the exposed areas..
  • The Ergonomics

    The technician only has to move so much in order to accomplish the task.
  • The Speed

    Method + Efficient +  Ergonomic  + a Big Honkin Spray Gun = Speedy Spray Tans
    It looks like the tan quality remains but the increased speed allows for higher client volume.
  • The Tent

    The over spay goes into the tent (which I assume is a spray tanning tent that sucks and filters the air.  This means the technician doesn't need to wear safety equipment.
    The tent is probably washable (though you'd want to check with the manufacturer)

    Tents are collapsible, which makes them perfect for mobile operations.
Also, it's brief.  I'm a big fan of brevity.  This video is 1 minute and 39 seconds long.  It's fully worth a couple watches if you're interested in seeing a professional doing a tan.  Granted the actual tan probably took three or four times as long, but that simply means they had a good editor!

Link to Suntana.