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How Long Does a Spray Tan Last and Tips to Make it Last Longer

Spray tans usually last from 5 to 10 days, however there are various ways you can extend your tan beyond 10 days.

Spray tan solution contain special ingredient called DHA. When spray tan machine applies tan solution to your skin, this DHA reacts with proteins of your skin to make it darker. This process only happens to the top layer of skin, so when the top layer of skin gradually fall away, your tan will start to fade.

So, how can you prolong your spray tan?

Here are the top 10 tips to give you more bang for your buck and prolong the life of your spray tan.

1. Exfoliate before your spray tan

Exfoliation is important in ensuring the life of your tan. By exfoliating your skin well, you are getting rid of dry, dead skin that could make your spray tan look less smooth. Dry patches of skin can cause your spray tan to wear unevenly.

You should exfoliate couple of times the week before your spray tan. As you remove dead dry skin, that will leave you with healthy skin where spray tan can last longer. Always use exfoliating gloves and avoid scrub that contain oils.

2. Do shaving and waxing 24 hours before

You should shave at least 24 hours before your spray tan appointment and that is without using shaving cream. It is also recommended that your facial and body waxing should be done a day prior to your spray tan. Don’t get waxed after spray tan.

3. Avoid deodorant, foundations and perfumes

Don’t use deodorant, lotions, sunscreen, makeup or any oil on your skin on the day of your appointment (best to avoid them from earlier night). All these products leave residue on your skin that will make your tan develop unevenly.

4. Tips for your First Shower

Ideally, it is recommended that you take your first shower at least 8 – 10 hours after your tan (or whatever time your spray tan artist suggest; specially for rapid tan). This will give sufficient time for tan to develop. Do make sure the first time you shower, you don’t use anything harsh. No abrasive soaps or scrubs and don’t exfoliate..No loofahs or washcloths!

5. Soaps and body lotions

One of the most important factor to prolong your spray tan is the type of soap and body lotion you use after your spray tan. Avoid soaps with harmful ingredients and only use natural product with fewer ingredients.

6. Moisturize every day

Do make sure you moisturize every day after your tan is set. The moisturizer will extend the life of your tan by making sure those dry patches are kept at bay. You should moisturize at least twice a day, morning and evening and use a lotion that doesn’t contain any drying alcohol.

7. Use a tan extender lotions

This is one of the easiest way to extend your tan. Tan extender contains small amount of DHA that will top up your existing tan and prolong its life.

8. Don’t wear tight clothing

After your spray tan, you should avoid tight clothing. Use loose fitting cotton clothes that are comfortable. Tight fitting clothes can rub your tan around knees, elbows. chest and waist.

9. Avoid going to pool or ocean

Avoid pools specially with chlorinated water, saunas, spas with excessive heat. Chlorine is a kind of bleach that will accelerate the process of removing tan. If you are planning to go to pool or ocean, apply plenty of moisturizing sunscreen.

10. Avoid getting sweaty

You shouldn’t work out after your tanning session and before your first shower. Once your tan is settled, you can work out but make sure your apply moisturizer or baby powder to avoid absorbing sweats. Also, change your clothes right after your workout session as sweaty clothes can cause your tan to fade fast.