Spray Tan Before Vacation? Why You Should Get One

Get a Spray Tan Before your Next Vacation

Going on vacation this summer?

Heading towards beach?

Then why not get a spray tan?

A spray tan might sound like a slightly vain luxury, but in fact it can help you to enjoy an even better holiday in a number of ways.

Why Get a Spray Tan Before Your Vacation

So, why get a spray tan before you go on vacation?

Spray tan looks great and it helps you to look great!

With a spray tan, you’ll have a darker skin tone that helps you look healthy and well. The reason we associate a tan with being healthy, is that it suggest a person has spent time outdoors.

Thus, instead of looking like a pasty mole-person who spends their days in front of the computer, you’ll look like a healthy, tanned surfer guy/gal!

Spray tan helps to make your features look more defined.

You’ll instantly have whiter-looking teeth (they look brighter against the darker skin), a more defined jaw-line and cheekbones, and a better complexion (the darker shade of skin helps to hide blemishes like spots, pimples, and even scars!).

You will look more toned with a spray tan.

On top of all that, a spray tan makes your muscle definition really pop – why do you think that bodybuilders and physique athletes will always get spray tans before they go on stage? When was the last time you saw a pasty fitness model?

You are already tanned before you hit the beach

If you’re going on vacation, there’s a good chance you’re going to be stripping down to your swim suit/swim shorts. You’ll be strutting your stuff on the beach, and if you’re single then you may even be looking for some summer loving. Either way, you’ll have a better chance of success if you look tanned!

Take great vacation photos from day one

If nothing else, you’re going to be taking a lot of photos on your trip. So instead of blinding the camera with your pearly white skin, why not tan up and create some memories that you feel less awkward sharing and returning to time and again?

Spray tans are also more affordable, easier, and much healthier than lying on a tanning bed – so there’s really no downside!

Top Tips for the Best Spray Tan on Vacation

If you’re going to get a spray tan, then you need to do a few things to ensure you enjoy the best outcome possible.

Get Your Spray Tan Just Before your Holiday

Tip number one is to try and get your tan as late as possible before you set off on your vacation.

The reason for this, is of course that it means your tan will last longer while you’re out there. You’ll get your money’s worth that way.

We recommend getting your the day before you fly or even as late as early morning!

How to Prepare for Vacation Spray Tan

You should thoroughly exfoliate your skin before getting your tan. This will create an optimal surface for tan to adhere. Read this article on what to wear for your spray tan session.

You should also shave or wax at least 24 hours before your tan appointment.

Use Plenty of Moisturizer

Another tip is to apply plenty of moisturizer. Doing this will help the tan to set in, and it will also help give you a healthier look.

It’s also a good idea to try and tan only a few shades darker than your natural skin tone.

Going too dark makes the tan appear less natural.

Can I Swim with Spray Tan

While spray tans are very resilient, you should avoid spending excessive time in the swimming pool, hot tub, or sauna.

Swimming Pool

Chlorinated water of swimming pool is not good for your tan.

If you want to go swimming, go for short duration. If you spend whole day in swimming pool, your tan is going to fade quickly.

Hot Tub

Hot tub is BIG NO NO for your tan. Hot chlorinated bubbling water with steam is definitely going to damage your tan, so avoid it!

Can you Tan Through a Spray Tan

Oh yes!

Remember that you can still burn with a tan!

Spray tan doesn’t offer any protection from the sun, so your skin will tan naturally underneath your spray tan if you go out in sun.

For that reason you should apply plenty of sunscreen while you’re out there. Make sure your sun cream is water based (lotion) and not oil based as oil will make your spray tan to streak and fade in patches .

So Tan up, and have a great trip!