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Soccer Mom Airbrush T-Shirt Design Idea

This is a quick and easy airbrush t shirt design that you can make using any colors the customer likes. I chose to use pinks and purples because most women like those colors. This design is all freehand so it’s fast to do.

I painted this design on a 15″x 15″ piece of pennant felt which you can use for your display pieces and you can also use it for your stencils. If you keep your designs this size or smaller, you only have to heat set it one time with your heat press, if you have a 15″ or larger press.

If you mess up a design or decide to redo a design, you can use the piece of felt to make a stencil. It’s a great way to recycle and save money. You can also use stiff pellon in place of the pennant felt.

Airbrush Design Artist – Jammer

Step 1: First thing you want to do is make the word soccer in script lettering.

Next you want to make the word MOM making the M’s in a block style and making the O the soccer ball. The black areas of the ball might not be exactly like a soccer ball, but they are close.

Step 2: All I did here was painted the M’s hot pink, but in the pictures it looks more red than pink.

Step 3: Now take hot purple and add it to the bottom of the letters and fade it into the pink.

You also want to go around the outside bottom of the letters and make a semi-circle around the word soccer. When you go around the lettering, it helps to hide any overspray you might have gotten from the pink you used to fill in the letters and cleans it up a bit. Now add a drop shadow to the word soccer.

Step 4: Now you take your gray and add some shading to the bottom of the soccer ball and around the stitching. This gives the ball a more 3D effect and makes it look better than just a flat circle. After the gray, use light blue and mist over the gray and fill in around the word soccer, and blend it into the hot purple.

Don’t be afraid to go right over your lettering. Since we use transparent paint, it won’t mess up the darker colors underneath.

Step 5: Finally we finish the design with our highlights. Add some highlights to the top and bottom of the letters in soccer and just to the top corners of the M’s and the top center of the soccer ball.

On the top use a dagger stroke highlight and at the bottom just a dot is fine. You don’t want to go overboard with them.

This design should take you about 5 to 6 min. and you can charge anywhere from $15 to $25 dollars, including the shirt, depending on where you live. Have fun and experiment with different color combination’s and lettering styles and try and make it your own.