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Holiday T Shirt Design

This holiday t-shirt is airbrushed by one of the most talented t shirt artist “Rene Remero”.  Supplies used –  Createx airbrush colors, Paasche VL double action airbrush, t shirt board and spray glitter.

Here is a fun design for the holidays, elf lovers, for fun, or for any other occasion, first I sketch the design onto the fabric with a charcoal pencil.

Next I begin by painting the skin tone on the little elves……and outlining the letters of the name with red.

adding color

I proceed to fill in the letters and paint the clothes of the elves, I also add lime green to them.

Now is time for some swirls in the background with fluorescent raspberry, and baby blue for the stars and dots.

There you go pretty simple and fast holiday t shirt design. Finally I outline all the elements on the design with black and white, and finish the whole thing with golden glitter.