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Airbrush T Shirt Design – City Skyline

Here is a quick t-shirt city skyline design, using a template and a spray bottle cap. This design should take less than five minutes total, start to finish and easy for even a beginner airbrush t-shirt artist.

City Skyline T-shirt Design by Rene Romero

First I search in the internet for images of cities like New York, Kansas etc. As I am from San Antonio, I searched ”San Antonio Skyline” and choose the one that will show the landmarks or buildings best.

From there I draw just the outline or ”shadow” of the city in a piece of pellon and cut it out with a A x-acto hobby knife very carefully.

Then on the shirt I place the cap (it can be the bottom of the spray can also) and airbrush some yellow around the cap.

Next I use fluorescent raspberry and create the background sky.

Now I will take the Violet color and finish the background.

Now with the same violet I take the city skyline template and spray a steady coat of paint over the center.

Then add the name of the city.

And highlights in buildings and clouds with opaque white to finish the design.

The End.