Airbrush T Shirt Tutorial - Soccer Ball Design

Soccer Ball Design for Airbrush T-shirt

This airbrush t shirt design is geared towards school soccer players or anyone who would like to support their local school team. When doing this design ask the customer what the name of the school is and the school colors and change them accordingly. My local school is the Vikings and their colors are blue and gold so those are the colors I’ll be using here. If they just want their name on it that’s fine too.

Soccer Ball Design by Airbrush Artist – Jammer

Step 1: This is the stencil you’ll use.

It only has the black spaces cut out. Spray some spray adhesive on the back side and place it not quite half way down the shirt. Then spray the openings with you black paint. Hold up or bend the sides of the stencil so when you spray the black you don’t get a black overspray square on your shirt.

Step 2: This is what the ball will look like once you remove the stencil.

The black spots are nice and clean and ready for you to add the lines and join them.

Step 3: Now you want to use your black and add the lines to your ball.

First add your outside line to make it a circle, then most of the other lines connect the corners of the black spots together. After you get your ball finished, add the names to your design using your black. Block style lettering is the most popular for this, but you can use any type of lettering the customer wants.

Step 4: Take your gray and add some shading to the bottom of the ball and lightly around the borders of the white areas of the ball. This gives it a more 3D effect and makes the ball pop and not so flat.

Now use some light blue and lightly go over your gray and fill in the tops of your letters. I use light blue over gray because to me it makes it stand out more than just using gray alone.

Step 5: Using your dark blue, fill in the bottoms of the letters and fade it upwards into the light blue. Continuing with the dark blue, add some swooping lines, I’m not sure exactly what they’re called, on either side of the ball and some shadow lines under them.

Now I use my golden yellow and add a border to the outside of the letters and I also add some of the swooping lines to the inside of the blue ones. Depending on the school colors, you have to be careful of the overspray. In this case, if I had to much blue overspray outside of the lettering, when I added the yellow it would have looked green instead of yellow. If this would have been the case I could have used some opaque white or opaque yellow to go around the outside of the letters first, then used the golden yellow over top of that. Some colors won’t matter much if they mix a little, just be careful.

Step 6: Finally to finish the design, I use white to add a border highlight to the letters. I like using this type of highlight on these letters because I feel it separates the letters and makes the letters easier to read.

This design should take you around 10- 15 min. to do, depending on the style of lettering and how long the names are. I charge $20 including the shirt for this design. Depending on where you live you can charge more or less for it.