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How to Rinse an Iwata HP-Gx Airbrush After a Spray Session

A ‘Spray Session’ Ends when you leave for an extended period of time, like lunch or the end of the day.

Cleaning is important.  Procrastinators tend to Deep Clean their equipment more than people who simply rinse their airbrushes out when they’re done.


  1. Remove the Paint Bottle from the Bottle Adapter
  2. Attach another Paint Bottle filled with the appropriate Cleaning Solution
  3. Spray the cleaner through the airbrush until it sprays clear.Note: Spray the Cleaning Solution into some kind of filter to catch the spray and keep it out of the air and out of your lungs. The filter can be a towel, a paper towel, a filtering system, etc.
  4. Remove the Paint Bottle of Cleaning Solution
  5. Unscrew the Fluid Adjusting Knob
  6. Remove the Needle Spring
  7. Remove the Needle
  8. Wipe down the NeedleNote: Be careful the Needle is sharp
  9. Carefully replace the Needle
  10. Give the Needle a little twist counter-clockwise
  11. Replace the Needle Spring
  12. Screw the Fluid Adjusting Knob into the Airbrush Body
  13. Spray until dry
  14. Hang the airbrush up to dry

The Guru’s Tips

  • Use the right cleaning solution for your paint.

    Like generally disolves like.  Basically if you’re using a water based paint water should work (not always though) alcohol for alcohol-based paints, etc.  WHen in doubt most manufacturer’s have a cleaning solution for their paint.

  • Stay away from ammonia.

    Though this is less of a problem because the Eclipse Gx airbrushes have a die cast aluminum body it’s still a good idea to avoid cleaning solutions with ammonia.

  • You’ll get faster the more you clean.

    It might take you three or four minutes the first time you go through these instructions.  But don’t worry.  You’ll get it down to 30-45 seconds.  It’s more important to be torough than fast, but speed will happen.

  • If you’re having problems this is actually your second, no-brainer, fix

    It’s like being told to reboot your computer when you don’t know what’s going on.

    The first fix is the Color Change Rinse for an Eclipse Gx airbrush.

    The third fix is a Deep Cleaning for an Eclipse Gx airbrush.