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How Often Should I Lube My Airbrush

As often as the airbrush needs it, but not so often as to get lube into your paint.


It’s not really a question of schedule like changing your car oil every 3000 miles.  There’s only two places on an airbrush that require lube and an optional set of locations.

The Needle Packing O-Ring

The piece, deep inside the airbrush, needs just a little lube to let the needle pass through it without problems.

Notes: Teflon Needle Packing O-Rings don’t need lube, but the action still tends to feel better if you do.

The Air Valve Packing O-Ring
This o-ring seals the air system from the trigger housing.  The air piston, or dangly piece underneath the trigger depending on your model, needs just a little lube to let the trigger spring up and down nicely.

Screw Threads

Screw threads don’t NEED lube.  In fact, I prefer beeswax since it’s natural, but lube works too.  It works as a temporary, non-drying sealant to keep various kinds of leaks from happening.  Not to mention it ‘feels’ better to screw things together that have a little lube between them.