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Eclipse Troubleshooting Guide

Symptom Problem Solution Bubbles in Color Cup or Bottle Loose head cap Tighten head cap with a crescent wrench Loose nozzle cap Tighten nozzle cap finger tight Improper nozzle to body connection See Nozzle (#4) to reseat the nozzle Cracked or damaged nozzle See Nozzle (#4) to replace the nozzle Double Line Dried paint on needle […]

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Iwata Eclipse Manual

Congratulations on the purchase of your Iwata Eclipse airbrush, a versatile, reliable, high-performance airbrush. We designed this Eclipse for the exacting needs of the artist who requires a multi-purpose, high paint flow airbrush for spraying fine details and wide backgrounds all with one airbrush, one nozzle, and one needle size. This technology defines the Iwata […]

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The Iwata Airbrush Warranty

Iwata offers a 5 year warranty on their products.  Generally, it covers product defects unrelated to how you use your airbrush. The Actual Warranty All Iwata airbrushes are warranted against all manufacturing defects of material and manufacture or workmanship for a period of FIVE years from the date of purchase.  This warranty does not cover […]

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Eclipse Parts Guide

# Item Description1 Size Price Code Item # HP-BCS HP-BS HP-CS HP-SBS 1 Needle Cap A I 601 1 S S S S Crown Cap G I 105 0 O O O O 2 Nozzle Cap 0.35 mm C I 602 2 O S S S 0.5 mm B I 601 1 S O O […]

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