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The Iwata Airbrush Warranty

Iwata offers a 5 year warranty on their products.  Generally, it covers product defects unrelated to how you use your airbrush.

The Actual Warranty

All Iwata airbrushes are warranted against all manufacturing defects of material and manufacture or workmanship for a period of FIVE years from the date of purchase.  This warranty does not cover fluid needle or fluid nozzles since these parts need to be replaced occasionally due to normal wear.  Any other part or material that is or becomes defective so as not to be usable within this period will be repaired or replaced.  This warranty does not cover damage caused by negligence or airbrushes that have been altered or abused in any way.  Call or email Iwata-Medea before returning an airbrush for the appropriate procedure for warranty repairs.

My Explanation of Said Warranty

Coverage Timeframe

  • 5 Years from the purchase dateEven though doesn’t  generally ask you to prove the date of purchase you should still keep your receipt.  This is because even though Iwata doesn’t normally ask for it, it doesn’t mean they can’t.

What’s covered

All Iwata airbrushes are warranted against all manufacturing defects of

  • materialThe chrome peeling off your airbrush is an example of defective material.
  • manufactureA broken weld from normal use is an example of a manufacturing defect
  • workmanship


Because they wear out the warranty does not cover

  • fluid needles
  • fluid nozzles

Well, I’ll be even more blunt, usually needles and nozzles need to be replaced because you broke them.  The fact is, they’re made to last.  They do wear out, but more often you’ll bend your needle or shove your needle in too hard and crack your nozzle.

However, if there’s a material defect (for instance, there’s no hole for the needle to pass through the nozzle) Iwata generally takes care of issues even with needle and nozzles that are clearly their fault.  They don’t have to under the terms of the warranty but they do anyway.


Defective parts and materials (not including needles and nozzles) will be repaired or replaced at Iwata’s discretion.

Bad things that void your warranty

  • Damage caused by negligence
  • Airbrushes that have been altered
  • Airbrushes that have been abused

Making a Claim

Call them up at 503.253.7308.  You’ll get to talk with someone first to see if the problem can be fixed over the phone.

If that doesn’t work they’ll issue you a Return Authorization Number and have you send it in to them.