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How to Remove Broken Nozzle Threads from an Airbrush Body

Screw in nozzles are micro-machined parts.  This means that you are far stronger than they are.  Occasionally they break.

While following these instructions DO NOT DAMAGE THE STEM THE NOZZLE FITS INTO.  That’s bad.  It’s an excellent way to find yourself in need of a new airbrush.


  1. Small EZ-OutSuggestions to take the place of this tool
    • A pointy exacto knife
    • A toothpick
    • An old needle filed down to a triangular point
    • A very small triangular file
  2. A towel or tray to work overSinks don’t count
  3. Replacement nozzleYou might need to check out the parts guide for your particular airbrush on the Technical Resources page to see what the item number is.


  1. Unscrew the handle
  2. Unscrew the needle chucking nut
  3. Pull out the needle
  4. Unscrew the needle cap
  5. Unscrew the nozzle cap


  1. Examine the broken threads inside the airbrush bodyDid they fragment into multiple pieces?
    • If the threads fragmented STOP.
    •  Send it in to the manufacturer to be repaired.
  2. Remove the broken threads
    • Try a sharp, pointy exacto knife, a toothpick, or an old needle filed down to a triangular file are good candidates for tools
    • Insert the sharp pointy thing and attempt to twist the threads out
    • If one tool fails try a different one
    • If the threads fragment STOP.
    • Send it in to the manufacturer to be repaired.
  3. Once the threads have been removed examine the airbrush body and make sure nothing is still hiding within. Note: There may be a red material inside, this is a precautionary packing material applied by the factory.
  4. Screw a new nozzle into the airbrush.
  5. If at any time the nozzle wants to stop, but hasn’t seated flush with the airbrush body STOP.
  6. Unscrew the nozzle and reexamine the airbrush body.
  7. If after a reexamination you don’t find any thread fragments but the nozzle still gets stuck, send it in to the manufacturer to have the threads rechased.


  1. Screw on the nozzle cap
  2. Screw on the needle cap
  3. Re-insert the needle Note: press down on the trigger at least once to ensure proper alignment of parts.
  4. Screw the needle chucking nut back on. Big end first.
  5. Screw the handle back on
  6. Test it out and make sure it works right.


This guide does not apply to airbrushes with self-centering nozzles.