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Airbrush Body

The airbrush body is the chassis.  Every other part attaches itself to this piece.

Defining the Airbrush Body

The airbrush body defines your airbrush’s  make and model.

This part can take a fair amount of abuse.  Of course, you shouldn’t abuse the airbrush, but it will hold up to normal wear and tear.

With one exception.

Do Not Damage the Nozzle Stem

Damaging the nozzle stem kills your airbrush.  End of story.  It won’t come back as a mummy or as a zombie.  It won’t become a vampire and seek your blood in retribution for it’s dark, hideous fate while sporting a cool goth do.


It is dead.

Airbrush bodies cost slightly less than buying a whole new airbrush.  Which leads me to say

“If you destroy the body you need to go buy a new airbrush”


“congratulations, you have a lot of spare parts for the brand new airbrush you’re about to get!”