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How Safe Is Airbrushing

A: If you take the appropriate safety measures airbrushing is completely safe.

Risk -Breathing Overspray

Paint is toxic stuff, even paint that says non-toxic is bad to breathe.  The counter-measure is simple.

Wear your mask or respirator.

Use the equipment appropriate to your paint.

  • Urethanes, lacquers, etc, generally require you to wear a respirator with a filter appropriate to that kind of paint.
  • Water-based paints usually only require you to wear a dust mask that covers your mouth and nose.
  • When in doubt contact the paint’s manufacturer and ask them.

Risk – Wearing Overspray

Absorbing paint through the skin can be bad.

Wear protective clothing.

Use clothing appropriate to the paint type

  • Urethanes, lacquers, and crazy stuff I don’t know how to pronounce or spell generally require the specialized suits (like Tyvek)
  • Paints approved for topical use on the skin like make up, tanning solution, or body paint don’t need any protective clothing.
  • Water-based paints are the gray area.  For most people you probably won’t have to worry about a little overspray on your skin, but some people do get severe allergic reactions to the types of pigments and chemicals used in these paints.  Honestly, I usually spray these kinds of paint in my normal clothes, but I do make sure I thoroughly wash my hands (or if I’ve been really bad, take a shower) when I’m done.
  • Again, contact the paint’s manufacturer if you have specific questions or concerns.

The Guru’s Opinion

I wear my mask.  I’ve talked to too many people who never used them and now they’ve got spots on their lungs.

Spray safe and stay around for awhile.