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Air Always On

It’s possible to modify a double action airbrush to leave the air always on.

Who’s This For?

People who don’t want to turn the air on or off
People with fingers that easily tire – There’s usually a reason for fingers that get tired easily, like surgery or a medical condition.

Who’s This Not For?

Just about everyone

I’m serious.

Most people will never need to worry about doing this modification. But what’s the fun of keeping strange and mostly useless knowledge to myself?!
Anyone with compressed air cylinders, unless they’ve got another way to turn off the airflow.

Let’s Do It

This is a really easy modification to both do and undo, but do consult your parts guide for terminology. We’ll be working on the air valve.

  • Unscrew the air hose from the airbrush if you haven’t already done so.
  • Grab the set screw with tweezers.
  • Hold the tweezers and twist the airbrush.It’s easier this way, trust me.
  • Be careful, the air valve spring likes to fly long distances and naturally camouflages itself with any carpet and many hard surfaces…
  • Remove the air valve spring.
  • Remove the air valve.
  • Grab the set screw with the tweezers.
  • Screw the set screw back into the airbrush body.Hold the tweezers still and twist the airbrush. I’m not kidding, it really is easier this way, though you’re welcome to try twisting the the tweezers to discover for yourself how fun it is.

You’re done!

Notice the trigger doesn’t spring up and down anymore, removing the air valve and spring basically defeated the schrader valve, so your air will always be on until you replace these parts.

I put the set screw back in for aesthetics and just in case a big chunk of something flies through your airline, even though that almost never happens.