A Technical Guide to using Airbrushes

Whether you just loaded up your airbrush for the first time or the novelty of rainbow colored snot wore off years ago, I have something for you. I’ll guide you through the initial steps of getting started and also through many advanced tips and tricks.

The site name says Guru but I’m actually a guide. Your guide into and through the world of airbrushes and compressors and how to use them.

And…if you don’t understand the thrill of rainbow colored snot yet-don’t worry, you will-I mean-I’ll do my best to steer you clear of that too…really, I will.

I hope my knowledge exceeds your expectations.

Enjoy the site.

If you have any questions that aren’t answered anywhere else feel free to drop me a note through the contact me page.

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Contact the Airbrush Guru
Contact me, the Airbrush Guru with any questions or comments you might have.