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Airbrush Makeup Vs Traditional Makeup – Which One Is Better?

Photoshoots, weddings, and big events like a ball or a prom are all fantastic reasons for getting gussied up. For many, however, the thought of doing their own makeup can be daunting! What if you mess up while you’re applying it? What if your makeup gets smudged? What if the color looks great in your bathroom, but looks terrible in photos? Even a minor mistake while doing your makeup for these big events can feel like a catastrophe!

Luckily, professional makeup artists, or MUA, are there to be your personal superhero for these important life events. Many women turn to professional MUAs to handle their makeup for big events because MUAs know many more makeup tricks than the average person, and they have a lot of experience in masterfully applying these tricks. They might also know new techniques, like airbrush makeup, that most women do not have in their personal makeup stashes.

If you have a big event coming up, knowing the basics for airbrush makeup and traditional makeup can help you to make the right decision about what is best for your situation.

Airbrush Makeup

In many magazines, you’ll find descriptions of celebrities using a makeup technique called “airbrushing.” Although it can be confused with the photoshop tool by the same name, airbrushing actually is a kind of makeup. It is rapidly becoming a trend for brides to look into this technique because it gets resounding celebrity reviews as being the best way to look absolutely flawless for big events. But, is it really the best choice for you?

For starters, what is airbrush makeup?

Airbrush makeup is a kind of makeup that is applied from an airbrush gun. The makeup is dispersed in a fine mist onto your face, and the result is an even, thin layer of makeup. This makeup can look the most natural than traditional makeup because it does not entirely mask your skin.

There are three main kinds of airbrush makeup bases: silicon, water, and alcohol.

The silicon base is an interesting option because it absorbs some of the oil that would leave your face looking overly shiny in photographs. Silicon molecules are also too large to sink into your pores, which means that silicon-based airbrush makeup will behave more like traditional makeup than the water- and alcohol-based alternatives.

How is it applied?

The airgun machine used to apply airbrush makeup has a small chamber where a MUA can put a small amount of specially-formulated makeup. By pulling the trigger, the MUA can skillfully control a light spray of makeup as it comes out of the tip of the gun. In some cases, your favorite makeup can also be applied by using a special thinner that will make traditional makeup the correct consistency to be sprayed on your skin.

What are the benefits of using airbrush makeup?

  • Flawless Finish – Above all, airbrush makeup is popular because it gives a flawless finish in person and in photographs. This is because the fine mist that comes from the airgun will not “cake” on your face the way that traditional creams and powders do.
  • Natural Looking – Without this “caking” effect, airbrush makeup also tends to be more natural looking. Often, your natural skin will show through the makeup, which gives the impression that you aren’t wearing any makeup at all. Talk about a bonus!
  • Last Longer – The beauty of airbrush makeup also comes from the fact that it doesn’t wear off easily, and if applied correctly, it will last much longer than traditional makeup. In some cases, airbrush makeup can last at least eight hours, sometimes as much as twelve to twenty-four hours.
  • Waterproof – More importantly for emotional occasions like weddings, the airbrush makeup tends to be much more waterproof than traditional makeup. Tears, hugs, sweat, and humidity are no match for this magical makeup!
  • For wedding parties, airbrush makeup is also a great option because it doesn’t take very long for a trained MUA to apply it. This means that big wedding parties do not need to budget as much time for a makeup session as they would if they were using only traditional makeup.
  • Finally, airbrush makeup is a fantastic option because it is hygienic. Without the need for bacteria-covered makeup brushes and sponges, nor grimy fingers and hands to apply the makeup, airbrush makeup is by far the cleanest way to apply makeup.

What are the cons of airbrush makeup?

If this sounds too good to be true… well, it might be because airbrush makeup is not the perfect option for everyone. It is generally more expensive than traditional makeup because of the equipment that is involved as well as the traditional training that is necessary for a MUA to properly apply the makeup. It is also a technique that is difficult to apply to yourself.

Is Airbrush makeup good for wrinkles?

Generally, if you have small wrinkles, airbrush makeup can cover them beautifully.

However, it is also a bad option for anyone who has large pores or wrinkles.

This is because the airbrush makeup will sink into pores or wrinkles, rather than sitting on top of them. Ultimately, this will only draw attention to these and other blemishes, which is the exact opposite of what you are looking for when you want to look flawless.

Traditional Makeup

A lot of MUA feel more comfortable using traditional makeup because it is the kind of makeup that most women use in their daily life. Because it has been used for centuries, traditional makeup comes in many more varieties than airbrush makeup.

What is traditional makeup?

Traditional makeup is any powder, cream, liquid, pressed powder, or pancake that is applied on the face to give the desired appearance. It comes in an astonishing variety of pigments, and there are many different levels of coverage available for traditional makeups. In some cases, you might also be able to find traditional makeup that can treat certain other conditions, like wrinkles.

How is it applied? 

Traditional makeup is applied with special brushes or sponges, and it can also be applied using the fingertips. Depending on the way the product is applied, the result will vary. For example, sponges might leave dot patterns on the skin, whereas brushes might leave stroke patterns. Skillful MUA are generally able to apply any product without leaving obvious traces of how the makeup was applied.

What are the benefits of traditional makeup?

Ultimately, traditional makeup is a fantastic option for many women because it can be used in a variety of ways, making it the most versatile of the two options. It is also extremely easy to apply, and you will be able to fix your makeup throughout a big event without needed a lot of experience.

Traditional makeup is also more economical for many women because it just isn’t nearly as expensive as airbrush makeup sessions. Because it doesn’t require special equipment or special training, you will also be more likely to find a MUA who is very skilled with makeup brushes and sponges rather than a makeup airgun.

Traditional makeup is also better for women with pores, wrinkles, and other blemishes because it will sit on these features and mask them. As mentioned before, airbrushed makeup will sink into pores and wrinkles, which will ultimately draw more attention to them than the skillful way that traditional makeup can hide these same features.

What are the cons of traditional makeup?

Of course, traditional makeup has its drawbacks. It isn’t waterproof, and it rubs off easily, which can be frustrating if you need your makeup to last for your entire wedding day. It also needs to be touched up throughout the day, and if you are incredibly busy, you just might not have the time to think about it. As for catastrophes, traditional makeup can be over-applied, giving you the dreaded cake-like finish that will leave you disappointed.

Airbrush Makeup for Wedding

With all the information that has been given in this article, it is clear just how difficult it can be to choose what makeup technique will be best for your wedding day.

On the surface, it seems that airbrush makeup is the obvious winner. Airbrush makeup is long-lasting, natural-looking, water- and smudge-proof, and it looks great in photographs.

Expert MUAs encourage brides to consider who their makeup artist is when deciding what kind of makeup to do for their wedding day.

While airbrush makeup may seem magical, some makeup artists will be able to have a lot more control to contour your face and truly highlight your natural beauty by using traditional methods.

These experts also have a few tricks up their sleeves as far as knowing how to make traditional makeup last longer. Michele Renee, for instance, recommends using a setting powder and fix spray in order to ensure that traditional makeup will stick to your face for as long as you need it to.

The best way to make your choice is to research MUA in your area and have conversations with them about what makeup technique will work best for your wedding.

Airbrush Makeup for Acne-Prone Skin

Sometimes skin blemishes like severe acne, rosacea, birth marks, discoloration or scarring can be overly distracting, and many women want to cover these marks for special occasions. However, trying to cover any of these marks can lead to a thick, heavy coating of makeup on your face, which will only draw attention to the areas you want to hide.

As a result, MUA like Jessica Jean Meyers recommend using airbrush makeup for covering acne-prone skin. The reason is that covering blemishes can take several layers of makeup, and using a fine mist like airbrush makeup will lead to the lighter, less “caked on” look that many women are looking for.

before and after pictures of acne prone skin with airbrush makeup
image credit

Some artists may also decide to combine methods, using traditional makeup to fill in skin blemishes to create a clean “canvas” before applying airbrush makeup.

Here is a video showing how to cover acne skin with airbrush makeup

Here are some of the best airbrush makeup kit for acne prone skin

How to Choose the Right MUA [Makeup Artist]

Hiring a professional MUA, is an essential aspect of getting the best makeup application, no matter what the medium. This is because the magic of makeup is more in the way that the makeup is applied than in what the makeup is made from. Both traditional and airbrush makeup can be long-lasting and help you to look your best for your special occasion.

The first thing you’ll want to do when looking for a makeup artist is to verify that they have either a salon or a studio as a home-base so that you can rest assured that they are the real deal.

Additionally, you’ll want to look for reviews from their previous clients. If they have a salon or studio backing them and a lots of good reviews, then you’re probably looking at a legitimate MUA who knows what they are talking about.

The next thing is that you will want to be sure that you like what a MUA does. You can do this by looking at their portfolio or website. This also gives you the advantage of seeing how the makeup will look when it is photographed.

Finally, you’ll want to book a trial run. If your MUA can do both airbrushed makeup and traditional makeup and you are unsure about which will be best for you, experts like Michele Renee the Studio recommend that you ask for the MUA to do your face with half airbrush makeup and half traditional makeup. You’ll then be able to spend your day as you normally would, checking to see what looks better when you’ve been moving around during the day. From there, you can decide which kind of makeup works best with your needs.

Above all, it is important to remember that the best makeup choice is the one that makes you feel beautiful. Hopefully this information has allowed you to gain a better understanding of what options are available for you and your special occasion.