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How To Airbrush a Star

In this airbrush how to article we’ll be airbrushing a star and practicing the dagger or rat tail stroke. These are the same stars you see in a lot of airbrush t shirt designs.

How simple can you get you ask?

Well before you can create that great masterpiece, paint the hottest bike on the planet or the meanest low rider on earth, you have to master these very basic airbrushing skills.

What you will need

Double action airbrush, news print, Golden Airbrush Colors or Createx Illustration Paint black, easel

We’ll start out with what we’ll call a t-shirt star, as this technique for creating stars is very popular for t-shirt designs but can be used in on verity of other surfaces also. This technique will test if you’ve been practicing the dagger strokes.

Step #1) Make a dagger stroke up your painting surface, mine is about 4 inches long. Please keep in mind through this entire article I’m using newsprint which is not a white surface so the colors will not be that bright.

Step #2) Now airbrush dagger strokes going down and to the left and right as pictured above.

Step #3) Airbrush four more dagger strokes, one between each of the dagger strokes you added in step 2.

Step #4) Now backing your airbrush back away from your painting surface several inches, airbrush a circle around the star as pictured above. Moving your airbrush back in closer to the painting surface, airbrush dots as pictured above.

Step #5) Now airbrush some white highlights as pictured above and you have just created your first t-shirt design star. Change the colors, add more dagger strokes, vary the length of the dagger strokes the possibilities are endless with this so have some fun.