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Heart Stencil – Airbrushing Heart Like a Pro

In this airbrush lesson, Don Johnson is going to show you how to airbrush heart using stencils. You can use this heart stencil on any surface like paper, wood or textile.

Things you will need

For this tutorial, I am going to do heart shape on paper using

  • a gravity feed double action airbrush but any airbrush could be used. Use whatever airbrush you have on hand.
  • For paint I have used Golden black airbrush colors, Medea Com-Art transparent rose, Transparent Violet and white,
  • Compressor / 20 PSI.

1 Above is a plastic stencil I bought at hobby craft store

Above: I use masking tape to block off areas of the stencil that I will not be using to control over spray. The same tape I used to block parts of the stencil also attaches the stencil to the paper, very lightly don’t press the tape on.

3 Above: I use a little violet around the outside of the heart for shadow area. The left side I add a little darker shadow area as I will be putting a drop shadow behind the heart on this side later.

4 Above: Now using transparent rose, I fade it in from the edges to center, leaving the center high lighted.

5 Above: Next, using the violet again and the stencil I add a drop shadow above and to the left of the heart . I just positioned the stencil slightly higher and to the left of the heart and held it there by hand while spraying the violet. While you have the violet you could add a drop shadow to the name also. White high lights in the name and you’re done.

Heart with two part stencil, negative and positive stencil.

Again I did this on news print paper you can do it on just about any surface you wish to. Color Violet, Red , Yellow , Blue , Black , White . gravity feed airbrush, Compressor / 25 PSI.

Stencil material I used pellon, felt like material, you can use card board, poster board. Using the same heart stencil as above, I traced the heart out onto stencil material and using a X-acto knife cut the heart out .

1 Above: the negative part of the stencil , heart is missing from the stencil material.

2 Above: Here I have attached the negative stencil to news print with light mist of spray adhesive and sprayed black into the stencil. Having pulled the stencil off this is what you’re left with.

3 Above is the positive stencil, the heart it self.

4 Above: I have attached the positive part of the stencil to the news print with light coat of spray adhesive and using black sprayed around the stencil. This is what you are left with after pulling the stencil off.

5 Above:  I have attached the positive part of the stencil to the news print with light coat of spray adhesive and using violet, red, yellow and blue sprayed around the stencil.

6 Above: I have taken the heart stencil off and will now position the negative part of the stencil back on top of the heart ( spray adhesive holding it in place).

7 Above: With the negative stencil in place I used red to color the heart, fading from edges to center. After removing the stencil, using black I added name and outlined the heart (and added a few birds, using dagger or rat tail strokes folks ) Also used white to add some highlights and its a done deal. As I said you can do this on just about any surface textile, wood, paper.

Let your imagination fly.