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An Airbrush Tattoo Spices Up Life

An airbrush tattoo is the hot date everyone wants, no one thinks they can get, and will flake out on you after a week. Airbrush and temporary tattoos are like one night stands or week-long affairs. A real tattoo is like getting married-without the option for divorce. People can get inked up for good or […]

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Which Airbrush Tattoo Paint Should I Choose

Choose an airbrush tattoo paint that is airbrush ready, alcohol based, and FDA approved. Airbrush Ready When choosing paint for your airbrush tattoo kit, always choose airbrush ready paints. Airbrush Ready paints are very thin and the pigment (colored dirt) is finely ground up. Thin paints flow easily through airbrushes. Finely ground up pigments help […]

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How Long Will A Temporary Tattoo Last

A: Under the best conditions a temporary tattoo will last up to 5 days. In-Depth Answer People’s situations are different and those differences effect the wear time of temporary tattoo and body paint in general. General Rule The greater the number of Best Case Conditions someone displays, the greater the time the paint sticks to […]

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