CFM - Airbrush Guru


CFM stands for Cubic Feet per Minute or ft3/min and measures air flow rate.  The international measurement is m3/min.

CFM is important when choosing spray equipment air sources.


Compressors have a maximum flow rate.  This flow rate should meet or exceed the CFM requirement of your equipment.  Otherwise the airbrush or spraygun won’t function properly.

Compressed Gas Tanks

I had this idea to tell you how to calculate the spray time you can get off any given compressed gas tank.

Then I discovered the formulas…

They are many.  They are immense.  And my math friends are away on vacation.  Why do they always tell me they’re away on vacation when I have calculus questions for them?

Perhaps, at some far off, undefined future date, I’ll get a chemist, a mathematician, and a programmer all together and have them write up a little web based calculator for everyone’s convenience…

Until then, if you’d like to tackle the math yourself here’s an amazing resource on CO2.

Seriously…good luck on the math!

International Conversion

1 ft3/min = 0.0283 m3/min
1 m3/min = 31.315 ft3/min