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Which Airbrush Tattoo Paint Should I Choose

A: Choose an airbrush tattoo paint that is airbrush ready, alcohol based, and FDA approved.

Airbrush Ready

When choosing paint for your airbrush tattoo kit, always choose airbrush ready paints. Airbrush Ready paints are very thin and the pigment (colored dirt) is finely ground up.

  • Thin paints flow easily through airbrushes.
  • Finely ground up pigments help cut down on clogging issues.

Alcohol Based

Alcohol based paint wears better than water based paint.  We can’t sweat or wash off the paint because our bodies are not alcohol based, despite many bartender’s opinions otherwise.

Remove alcohol based paint with, you guessed it, alcohol.  I love recommending vodka as a cleaning agent.  However, most people choose isopropyl (by most people, I mean everyone) because it’s got enough alcohol to clean the paint, but not anything worth putting to other ‘medicinal’ uses…

Yeah, medicinal uses.  I like that.

FDA Approved and Hypoallergenic

Using FDA Approved products means that you look out for your customers’ best interests.

The FDA likes products that are hypoallergenic.  Hypoallergenic simply means the product doesn’t cause very many allergic reactions. That’s a very good thing.