Q: Can I Use Water Based Airbrush Tattoo Paint? - Airbrush Guru

Q: Can I Use Water Based Airbrush Tattoo Paint?

A: Theoretically, yes.  However, water-based airbrush tattoo paint doesn’t exist.

***Update: I’ve heard rumors of a few artists using theater body paint***

The Good

  • Water based paint washes off in the shower without the use of alcohol.
  • Water treats your skin better.  Alcohol dries the skin out by stripping it of its essential oils.

The Bad

  • Water-based paint sweats off.  Almost any activity on the model’s part will cause the tattoo to bead and run.
  • The lifespan of a water-based airbrush tattoo ranges from a few minutes up to an hour or two.  Compare that to the lifespan of an alcohol-based temporary tattoo which ranges from five to ten days.
  • Water-based airbrush tattoo paint doesn’t exist as far as I know.

The Guru’s Opinion

  1. You probably shouldn’t use water-based tattoos on customers. Most customers expect something slightly more permanent airbrush tattoo.
  2. If you’re still set on using water-based paint for your application, go get em.
  3. Only use FDA Approved body paint.
  4. Try looking for water-based special effects makeup since water-based tattoo paint doesn’t exist.
  5. If you have a great use and find a great paint let me know.  I love hearing about new uses.