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Best Self Tanner

Having a year round tan makes you look healthy, glowing, and youthful. However, It can be hard to maintain the perfect sun-kissed skin without sun damage. Thanks to innovations in self tanners, now anyone can achieve a great tan without harming their skin. How Does Self Tanner Work?Most sunless tanning products contain an ingredient known as […]

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Choosing The Right Spray Tan Machine

You’ve decided that you want to spray tan someone. Now you need a spray tan machine to actually spray them. Of all the uses you can put an airbrush or spray gun to, spray tanning is actually the easiest to learn and master. Don’t get me wrong, you’ll still run into difficulties, but the process […]

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Spray Tan Guide – Is it Right for You?

If your pasty winter skin has got you feeling blue, it may be time to book your first spray tanning session. Spray tanning is an easy and healthy way to maintain a great tan. It has none of the safety drawbacks of tanning beds, and it produces customizable, natural-looking results. You won’t leave your tanning […]

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Is Spray Tanning Safe? – Spray Tan Dangers

A: Spray tanning is completely safe with just a couple exceptions… The Good Tanning solution’s active ingredient, DHA[Dihydroxyacetone] is FDA Approved for Topical Use.  Other than the very occasional skin rash, it’s safe. The rash is most likely caused by a chemical in the tanning solution other than the DHA. DHA refining improvements let people avoid UV rays and […]

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Learn How To Do Airbrush Spray Tanning

If you want a spray tan for yourself, your best friend, or hundreds of people a day. It doesn’t matter how many. It doesn’t matter how often. You’ve found the right place.The Sunless Spray Tan Process in a NutshellSpray tanning solution on the client’s skin.DHA inside the solution reacts with proteins in the skin cells.The […]

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