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Airbrush Body

The airbrush body is the chassis.  Every other part attaches itself to this piece. The airbrush body defines your airbrush’s  make and model. This part can take a fair amount of abuse.  Of course, you shouldn’t abuse the airbrush, but it will hold up to normal wear and tear. With one exception. Damaging the nozzle […]

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Air Filter

Air filters clean junk out of the air. Why Are they Important? Clean air is important because any junk in the air will mix with the aersol spray and deposit itself on whatever you’re spraying.  This be anything from enough to ruin the finish on a car to something merely annoying when you’re looking at the finished […]

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Air Always On

It’s possible to modify a double action airbrush to leave the air always on. Who’s This For? People who don’t want to turn the air on or off People with fingers that easily tireThere’s usually a reason for fingers that get tired easily, like surgery or a medical condition. Who’s This Not For? Just about […]

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Can I use WD-40 to lube my airbrush?

A: No!  Don’t! Bad Idea!  Just say no to WD-40! In-Depth WD-40 and paint basically don’t mix.  They really don’t like each other. In fact, there are some paint shops that will string you up for even bringing a can of the stuff into their shop. Here’s why. When you lube up the needle it […]

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